Industria de Alimentos Trendy


The Trendy Foods Industry improves its logistical operations with WISE.

Alimentos Trendy ( is one of the most important ice cream companies in Chile and it is in a business expansion process, incorporating itself from year 2005 to the candies business. In Addition, from year 2000, they export to different countries in America.

In Alimentos Trendy they evaluated that this increasing activity scenario must, without a doubt, have a sustenance in optimal logistical operations, to respond to the more and more important exigencies of the market, as in the services level to its respective clients, as in the efficiency level in the Distribution Center operations.

On this background, Alimentos Trendy initiated a modernization project of its Distribution and storage operations, incoporating software and hardware tecnologies, simultaneously that suitable infrastructure.

The new logistical operations model is now supported by a WMS software, which allows greater efficiency and greater operations control and the stocks management. The selected WMS was WISE, and the implementation was in charge of consultants from MC2g. The integration of the WMS WISE system with the ERP MFG/Pro system, to allow a distribution operations streamlining, from the commercial actions of Purchases to Suppliers and Sales to Clients, was implemented with Sonic ESB, also by consultants from MC2g.

The project began in August of 2006, beginning the operation in the Candies Distribution Center in October of 2006. In a later phase the implementation of WISE for the Ice cream Warehouse will begin.

With the WISE solution, Alimentos Trendy raised the efficiency on the operations of its Candies Distribution Center, optimized the space usage, improved the distribution service to its clients (the delivery of orders with no errors) and, what is most important, the WISE System provided on-line information for the Distribution Center operations performance measuring, based on the registry of the operations and analysis by Operator, Item, Clients, Routes, etc. Alimentos Trendy selected WISE, among other reasons, for its flexibility on supporting different kinds of operations (Candies, Ice Creams), robustness and good price/quality relation, and selected MC2g for the implementation, due to its experience on the WISE implementation and the Sonic ESB interface development.

A work team of consultants from MC2g, that included expert WISE consultants and a methodology of proven and successful implementation, ensured the success the implementation of the solution.