Who we are


Our Team

The MC2G Team is formed by engineers with ample experience on software solutions implementation, all around the country´s firms. They have special skills on WMS, SAP and oothers ERP´s implementation, on J2EE software development and systems integration under the SONIC plataform. Besides, they count on advanced knowledge on Statistic Analysis, Logistics and Informatics.

Our Vision

To become into a first level Consultant enterprise and reinforce the name of MC2G as an important actor in the chilean market, an integrated management solutions provider, and later, once this is accomplished, to expand towards latin-american markets.

Our Mission

To be a leader group in development consultancy, implementation and integration of software, providing to our clients integral solutions and with added value, innovative and of world-wide class, through human development and the application of end technology. We aimed at creation of long term value for our Shareholders, Clients, Employees and Suppliers, respecting environment that surrounds us, the Community in where we developed the activity and the Administration to which we are related

Our Values

Nuestros valores apoyan nuestra misión y son aquellas cualidades que nos distinguen y orientan nuestro que hacer: / Our values support our mission, and are those qualities that distinguish us and orients our to-do:

Responsable and honest work, within the compass of stringency and sustainable development.

Sustained growth

The utilization of synergies between all business units, such as interns as the ones of our costumers.

Preocupation on the continuous development of people, as much employees as costumers