Our History


MC2g is founded on year 2002 by its actual General Manager, Mr. Patricio Gajardo M., Statistician from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Former Director of consultancy area, in Multivisión Consulting, and Former Projects Manager of Informatic Corporation ORDEN.

MC2g started as a Consulting Enterprise dedicated to the implementation of solution for Business Intelligence, as a partner of MIS AG Chile, using the MIS DecisionWare product suite (MIS Alea, MIS onVision, MIS Delta Miner and MIS Plain). In a joint participation with MIS Región Sur consulters, for the implementation of this products and the construction of a BI model for the Sanata María Clinic, Dávila Clinic, Cine Hoyts and ChileTabacos.

On year 2003, MC2g adjudges the representation and distribution in Chile of the ligistics solutions of Royal 4 Systems, begining the commercial management and marketing in Chile for the wms WISE (www.r4-wise.com). The first WISE implementation project was realized since May, 2005, alter the developement and execution of business management and WISE training plans.

On year 2006, MC2g firms agreements with QTrade, one of the main Logistics Operators in Chile, for the implementation of WISE, for the inventory management of its clients. The first implementation was realized between June and October of 2006, for the administration of the Distribution Center in wich QTrade beguine to manage VTR inventories. On this project, we used Sonic ESB for the integration of WISE and the Management systems of VTR, this set up the beginning of our operations with Sonic, originating one of our main business areas, the Integration Area.

During 2006, we also Developer WISE implementetion projects on Trendy ice creams, integrating WISE and the ERP MFG/Pro, with Sonic ESB. Another Project that year, was developer with Sonic ESB for Coopeuch, for the solutions to the Arrangement Employers and Interfaces to the FIN/700 erp.

On January, 2007, we initiated the biggest developement Project in association with Sonic ESB in Chile, creating a solution that integrates all the documents flux (BL and BK) of the maritime operations of Agunsa and its represented CCNI and Kline. Furthermore, we have already built a solution that integrates the Containers Movements between TPS (Terminal Pacífico Sur), Tesco (Containers Storehouse), CCNI and Agunsa.

This growing rate of projects makes us grow in number of consulters and physic space in our offices. Since April, 2007, our office is located in Providencia 545, department 14, Providencia.