Black&Decker Chile improves its logistical operations with WISE.

Black&Decker is a leader company in the electric tools market. It counts, in the city of Santiago with a  Distribution Center for its costumers attention in the Metropolian Region and the other country´s Regions, with a raising Activities level.

This increasing activity scenario must, without a doubt, have a sustenance in optimal logistical operations, to respond to the demands of more and more important clients, as much in the services level to its clients as in the efficiency level in the Distribution Center operations

On this background, Black&Decker decided to initiate since June of 2007, a reorganization project of its Distribution Center and its logistical Storage and Distribution operations. The new logistical operations model will be supported by the WMS WISE software, which will allow greater efficiency and greater operations control and the stocks management, as well as an optimal distribution service, according to its clients instructions.

The implementation is in charge of consultants from MC2g.  It is also pretended to integrate the WMS system with Black&Decker´s ERP system, MFG/PRO, using Sonic ESB. The integration of the  WMS WISE system with the ERP MFG/Pro system, to allow a distribution operations streamlining, from the commercial actions of Purchases to Suppliers and Sales to Clients, will be implemented with Sonic ESB, also by consultants from MC2g.

The project began in June of 2007 and it is hoped to initiate the operations with WISE in September of 2007. Once the operation of the Distribution Center in Santiago, Chile, is stabilized, the implementation of WISE for the Distribution Center of Black&Decker Bogota, Colombia will begin. With the WISE solution, Black&Decker Chile will increase the efficiency in the operations of its Distribution Center in Santiago, optimizing the the space usage, improving its costumer distribution service (the delivery of orders with no errors) and, what is most important, the WISE System will provide on-lime information for the Distribution Center operations performance measuring, based on the registry of the operations and analysis by Operator, Item, Clients, Routes, etc..

Black&Decker selected WISE, amongst other reasons, for its flexibility on supporting different kinds of operations (diver size tools, electro domestics), robustness and good price/quality relation, and selected MC2g for the implementation, due to its experience on the WISE implementation and the Sonic ESB interface development.

A work team of consulters from MC2g, wich included WISE experts and a proved and successful methodology, insurances the succes of the solution implementation